PT Garuda Elang Perkasa (GEP)

PT Garuda Elang Perkasa (GEP) is the sole distributor of ESP International S.R.L patented device FSS – Fire Suppression Systems in Indonesia & South East Asia. FSS is an aid device for extinguishing fires: it is a manual, portable, disposable device that uses eco-friendly process.

User Instructions

Remove top protection cap and discard

Strike the tip of the stiker cap along the tip of the FSS unit. The will start a chemical reaction and content will immediately begin to flord form the tip of FSS

Hold from the black plastic handle and remove bottom striker cap

Hold from the black plastic handle and point FSS to the fire until it is extinguished

In Action

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PT Garuda Elang Perkasa

Is the sole distributor of FSS Products in Indonesia, Please Contact GEP for all inquiries of FSS products in Indonesia